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At Vincent Design, our web design team will create a professional, engaging, and fully-functional website customized to represent your brand to the greatest extent. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help boost your online profile with our proven approach to website design.

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Based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Vincent Design is recognized as a leading web design firm with clientele throughout the province. We frequently work with businesses and organizations in southern Indigenous communities, northern communities, and those based in Brandon and Churchill.

Offering professional, and customized website design and development services, our team blends intuitive and responsive web design with user optimization to create websites that are not only visually appealing and engaging but fully functional and contribute to the brand’s business growth.


In this digital age, businesses heavily rely on having an online presence. Our web design team specializes in developing client websites using WordPress, Squarespace and custom HTML and CSS coding practices that can help establish and grow yours.

We’re also experienced in creating e-commerce sites with Shopify or Woocommerce if a client’s brand requires retail capabilities.

We work with our clients to help them grow their business or organization to achieve their goals, using creative and strategic approaches and innovative solutions to tackle every client project that comes our way — offering a full suite of web-related services, including:

To us, it’s not only about creating good design work but about providing great client experiences, and our team knows how valuable a website can be to your business or organization.

When you have a well-developed website, attractive and engaging to your clients, that ties into your brand’s overall marketing strategy, you not only add to your credibility and professionalism but build trust and demonstrate your competitive advantage among your audience.


Web development is an intricate process that requires a diverse set of skills.

That’s why we don’t rely solely on our developers and designers, but on our account manager, content manager, and copywriters to produce a complete, functional and appealing website for our clients.

STEP 1. Kickoff Meeting

We officially start every web design project with a kickoff meeting, in which we will sit down with our clients to discuss the project’s parameters. Typically, we’ll know the basics and primary purpose of the project before the kickoff, so this is a time for our teams to flush out the details together.

Is there something specific about your current website that you want to change? Are there websites out there that you like and want to inspire your new one?

We’ll run through the creative brief, and discuss your new website’s goals, conversion goals, and, depending on the complexity of the project, the navigation journey of your future website visitors.

STEP 2. Site Mapping

So, are we starting from scratch or updating an existing site?

If we’re working with an existing website, our team will create a sitemap of what’s already there and make recommendations accordingly, which can include but are not limited to taking multiple pages with smaller amounts of content and combining them if appropriate, and moving older content around to ensure it is grouped properly throughout the website.

When starting from scratch, it’s a matter of sitting down with our clients and figuring out what type of and how much content they have, what they need, and how many pages and sections per page they want. From there, we’ll create a sitemap that fits the client’s vision and send that over for approval.

STEP 3. Content Gathering and Management

As it’s safe, secure, and easily accessible, we typically use Googe Drive to share and collect content from clients unless our agency’s copywriting services are included in the project.

If the clients are providing their own content (copy, images, videos, etc.) we’ll provide clients with access to project folders and documents so they can transfer content to be added to the new website.

During this process, our Content Manager handles the organization and management of project folders and documents to ensure the project runs smoothly — acting as the primary liaison between our clients and our web development team.

STEP 4. Wireframing and Site Design

After we have our client’s approval on the website’s sitemap, our graphic designers take the reins and get to work with putting together a design presentation that consists of visual themes, colours, font types, and brand applications.

We’ll also put together a homepage, and a couple of key pages to provide our clients with an authentic first look at the project to show how the idea translates to the execution.

We present to our clients, and with their go-ahead, we’re able to start development.

STEP 5. Site Development

Development starts once we’ve acquired all the required content from our clients — unless copywriting is included in the project on our side — and once the website design is approved post-presentation.

We develop client websites with various CMS platforms, typically WordPress, starting with a blank template with common features and technologies built into it and applying the branding and design sent over from the design team. We’ll use plugins that are appropriate for the type of website we’re building and, if necessary, can make enhancements or custom edits to the website’s code (HTML and CSS).

The development stage takes up most of the project’s time, as our developers actively work on putting everything together.

STEP 6. Training and Launch

When we have the site up and running, we’ll contact our clients and provide them with a link to the draft website so they can go through its entirety — this usually happens when the website is around 80 percent complete.

Link sharing coincides with training sessions, where our developers will show you around the website, and help you familiarize yourself with the website’s layout and features, so you’re confident with using WordPress.

The training session is also a time to discuss your expectations and what is still needed — usually minor changes like fixes to content, or touch-ups.

After making the clients changes, if any are needed, and after the website is officially approved, it’s time to launch the website.

Once changes are made and the website is approved, we make the site live and set up the post-publishing features like Google Analytics.


We don’t work with any specific client demographic — our clientele is as diverse as our in-office team and exceeds our Manitoban perimeter, reaching as far as California.

Whether our clients fall into the category of a large corporation, community not-for-profit, or a new start-up business, our Vincent Design team will approach each project with the dedication, thoughtfulness, and excitement it deserves.

Industries that we’ve previously, and continue to work with:

  • Government
  • Law
  • Health
  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Education
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Do you offer website hosting?

Do you secure the domain or do I?

  • Usually, our clients will already have their chosen domain secured and ready for us to plug in during the web development process, but we can work with clients to collect a domain that works for them if needed.

What CMS platforms do you use to build websites?

  • Our developers are familiar with several CMS platforms but typically work with WordPress for its reliability, flexibility, ease of use, and customization capabilities.

How long does complete web development take?

  • Depending on the complexity of the project, web development can take between a few weeks to a few months.

Do I have to reside in Manitoba to work with you?

  • Nope! We have both local and distanced clients as far as California. If you’d like to work with Vincent Design, we’ll always try to find a way to make it work for both sides.

How much input will I have in the process?

  • A lot. We’ll educate and guide clients to make informed decisions, and provide rationales behind our recommendations and work, but we won’t progress without approval from our clients as the project progresses.
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