New Hosting

You are receiving this letter because your company or organization has a domain or hosting account with us, which we currently maintain and/or monitor on our servers. Vincent Design has recently upgraded and expanded our hosting capabilities and will soon change how we bill and maintain these account for our clients.

New amazing technologies offer many ways to better maintain and keep websites organized, and we think we’ve found a solution that is both simple and secure for all our clients. Starting in November we will be transferring all our client’s websites to our new servers. With this change, we will be offering three different packages for hosting that will more than facilitate all the needs that may arise.

How will this affect my company?

Visually, there will be no difference. Performance wise, there may be a noticeable difference in website speed and performance as we are moving most sites over to a VPS (Virtual Private Server) which means that you won’t be sharing space with multiple websites around the world. This is what tends to slow website down, especially if there are larger files and images associated with the website.

When transferring the website over, it may be down for a short time. (Approx. 1-2 hours). We will try and do these changes early in the morning where web traffic is the slowest. We will also contact you the day of so that you are aware.

There are instances, depending on the website, where down times may be longer. This tends to be dependant on domain registrants (IE. Godaddy, Hostpapa, etc.) as their service times and ability to make account changes vary. Again, we will contact you about any delays.

Do I have to stay with Vincent Design for my hosting?

Nope! Not at all! Throughout the history of Vincent Design, we’ve always had the client’s best interest (and websites) at heart. We’ve purchased and registered many domain name and hosting accounts on behalf of clients who were either not familiar with the process, or had limited tech knowledge about getting a website up and running.

If you no longer wish to stay on with us with either hosting or domain management, we will be happy to transfer your website to another web hosting company for you. Or if you just want to the webfiles, we can pack it all up for you and provide a link for download. Costs will incur for either of these options, as we take great care to make sure the site will work after transferring.

Locating and acquiring a new hosting or domain company is the responsibility of the client and once we receive the account settings of the new hosting account, we will make the transfer!

How will paying for this service work?

Here is where this new system shines. No more cheques, manually emailed invoices and the delay in sending all these before the site is temporarily shut down! Our new system allows you to automatically pay monthly via Credit Card. Clients will be sent reminders via email that a payment charge is coming up (6 days in advance) and an email will be sent when the payment is completed, containing a link to the invoice. It’s secure, and fast.

Our payment gateway provides top of the line security in handling payments, details here:

Email, Email, Email

Here’s a secret you may already know: Email is important – but business email is even more so! If you’re serious about your business’s email account, and you want it to be as easy as possible to access on all mobile and desktop devices, you need to use a more robust business email provider. Vincent Design now exclusively uses and recommends Google Business Apps (

Hosting your email accounts with Google Business Apps gives you world class email with a low cost. Google’s email service enables email to be read through either their downloadable app (Go for Gmail), a browser such as Firefox or Chrome, or your own email client such as Apple Mail or Microsoft Outlook (settings required). With Google, you have the peace of mind knowing that your information is secure and safe.

The other great advantage to using Google Business Apps, is the ease of website host transfers. If in the future you decide to change where your site is located, your emails will not be affected.

Setup for this service is required, which we are happy to assist you with. But once completed, the prices are $5 USD/mo per user, one user can have multiple email addresses (eg. main email: [email protected], and also [email protected] can be used by one user)

Payment for this service can be made directly by client to Google through their own payment subscriptions, or, if you don’t want the hassle and just “want it to work”, we can handle it all and charge you accordingly.

These costs are more than before, what gives?

There is no other marketing material as important to a company or organization as online web presence. We discovered that paying for a superior hosting company provides more options, features and tools for both us and our clients. We build great websites for our clients, and this new hosting system will allow us to provide great products and service that performs well, keeps their sites safe, and provides them with valuable backups.

We now are using state of the art technology with many more features. This gives the client peace of mind. Less downtime, more security, 24/7 monitoring: what more can you ask for? We provide websites to businesses that have invested time and money for their websites, and therefore, require extra features to safeguard their investments. It also is in our best interest to have your website working and looking its best, mainly so we can brag about it.

Do I have to wait until November?

Nope not at all! Just send us an email ([email protected]) and we can begin the transition for you.

Will you need my authority to make this change?

Yes, definitely! This is the real purpose for this letter. We will need an email or letter indicating that you wish to proceed and what package works best for you.

If you like, you can sign the form below and choose the appropriate hosting package. If you have any questions, or would like a recommendation on which package to choose, based on your website, feel free to call us and we can help.

We need your official approval and decision by Oct 15th, 2016. This will give us time to work on transferring over all the website by November 1st.

We will now offer three packages to choose from:

Standard Hosting
$ 29 /month
Automatic Wordpress Updates
5GB Storage
Daily Backups (Stored 1 month)
Premium Hosting
$ 49 /month
Automatic Wordpress Updates
10GB Storage
Daily Backups (Stored 1 month)
Server side caching (info below)
24/7 Uptime monitoring
Hack Protection/monitoring
Malware monitoring and removal
Managed Hosting
$ 99 /month
Automatic Wordpress Updates
20GB Storage
Daily Backups (Stored 1 month)
Server side caching (info below)
24/7 Uptime monitoring
Hack Protection/monitoring
Malware monitoring and removal
CDN (info below)
Long Term Backups (1/month)
SSL Support (info below)

Server side caching

Server side caching is the process of pre-rendering your website’s pages so that the server doesn’t have to dynamically generate a page every-time a visitor visits your site. Long story short it greatly improves your sites performance and speed.


CDN or Content Delivery Network, is a network of globally distributed servers that serve your site’s static files (images, videos, scripts, etc.) from the closest geographical node to your users. Improving website speed and performance.

SSL Support

An SSL certificate provides an extra layer of security for your site, by encrypting data sent between users and the server. This is required for any sites accepting payments online, and we recommend it for large sites as it increases both security for your users and credibility for your site.