Indigenous Web Design

Look to the Vincent Design team for genuine Indigenous website design. We have established ourselves as pioneers in graphic design, and this expertise extends to our work on Indigenous-focused websites, where we collaborate closely with our partners to craft them.

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Indigenous Web Design

Turn to the Vincent Design team for authentic, representative Indigenous website design. We’ve built a reputation as leaders in graphic design, and that extends to how it’s incorporated in the Indigenous-focused websites we collaborate with our partners to create.

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Winnipeg-based, Community Focused

Our web design team includes Indigenous members and advisors, with roots firmly planted in their Winnipeg and Métis communities. We’re honoured to consult and collaborate with communities, Elders, advocacy groups and support agencies across Canada to respectfully represent Indigenous values and culture.

How is Indigenous Web Design Different?

An Indigenous website is a culture-based website

Shaun Vincent, Vincent Design founder and Creative Director

Representing culture, in Indigenous web design or graphic design, begins with listening to the community, including hearing specifically from Elders and Knowledge Keepers. Building those relationships happens over time, and it’s not a step that can be rushed.

While elements of tradition and symbolism carry through in our work for Indigenous businesses, communities and groups, there is no such thing as an Indigenous website design template.

From First Nations, to Inuit to Métis, the vastness of the land is matched by a depth of culture and community.

Respecting this includes a comprehension of the vastness and variety of history and culture and how it may be portrayed in Indigenous and First Nations web design. While icons are the visual shorthand of website design, you have to understand what those symbols mean and where, when and how to use them – or leave them out entirely.

What Are the Opportunities for Indigenous Web Design?

It’s important to represent the community and the culture respectfully. Whatever we do must positively impact Indigenous peoples who are both the subject and sharers of their stories.

Indigenous web designers have a unique opportunity to honour the past and also reflect the resurgence of Indigenous culture among young people, so that they can also see themselves and what’s important to them embraced now and into the future.

Our Team

The Support Team

First Nations, Inuit and Métis Peoples each have their own unique histories and perspectives. Listening to community members and understanding these perspectives is a critical part of the work we do in collaboration with our clients and a responsibility we adhere to closely in the pursuit of reconciliation.

Our support team is a growing community of educators, Elders and Knowledge Keepers that are actively involved in the services we provide for Indigenous organizations, programs and initiatives. We take counsel in their advice and feelings towards our design work and how it relates to Indigenous issues and topics.