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We are Vincent Design, a marketing solutions company creating custom communication design, branding and digital experiences. We work with communities, organizations, and businesses to build connections and make ideas happen.

For more than 15 years, we’ve been helping people build strong, memorable brands and distinct visual identities that connect with customers. We apply our time and expertise to assess your individual goals and needs to help you execute honest, effective marketing solutions.

Shaun Vincent, Vincent Design’s founder, is a graphic designer, marketing strategist and the owner of Vincent Design in Winnipeg. With more than 15 years of design and marketing experience, he applies his deep knowledge to create work of enduring strength and quality. With roots firmly planted in his hometown and the Métis community, Vincent has earned a reputation as a leader in Indigenous design.

“I realized that I was very capable in the design field – having learned very steadily from watching others,” he reflected. “I understood the design process well and had a great deal of confidence in my abilities.” Shaun had created a new plan to pursue his own dreams; so he registered his own company and began marketing his new Graphic Design business primarily in the Aboriginal community. Over the past three years, his firm has rapidly expanded its clientele throughout Manitoba and is now getting inquiries from as far away as California.

Via: Aboriginal Youth Means Business


Vincent Design creates. Period. We’re a full-service marketing solutions agency specializing in creating strategies and products that connect your brand with your customers through enduring, versatile and visually engaging design.


Services Include
  • Custom Graphic & Logo Design

  • Promotional Materials & Production

  • Advertising & Signage

  • Book & Magazine Covers

  • Environmental Display Design

  • Photography & Art Direction


Services Include
  • Brand Development & Strategies

  • Visual Identities & Design

  • Brand Application & Campaigns

  • Visual Identity Standards & Branding Guides


Services Include
  • Website Design, Consulting & Strategies

  • Custom Online Applications

  • User and Interface Design Experience Solutions

  • SEO Strategies and Services

  • Social Media Strategies


We work directly with organizations, communities and businesses of all sizes make their ideas happen. Our vision, creativity, and attention to detail allows us to make some pretty cool stuff for our clients. We pride ourselves on solutions that reflect your values and brand and the relationships we build with people.

Successful design relies on having the right team: a perfect blend of personality, experience and talent. At Vincent Design, we take pride in our commitment to our clients and attention to every detail.


See what our Clients have to say about our work.

I can’t think of a better design team I could have chosen to work on this project. Shaun Vincent and his team delivered on every note with expert knowledge, creativity and dedication.

Javier Frutos

Director, Brand and Creative, Canadian Geographic.

We are so proud of our beautiful new brand and our website — We highly recommend Vincent Design, especially to organizations looking for a multi-talented, community-minded design company.

Alana Ollinger

Community Organizer, CEDA

Vincent Design was easy to work with and developed a simple to use system that looks great. This system and app have practical, real world application. Everyone from the training center to the job site have benefited.

Steve J. Ducharme

Training Director, Local UA254

Pleased to work alongside Vincent Design where branding, web development and design are key to an event’s success! The Vincent Design Team is highly responsive, excellent to work with, and we look forward to working on many more projects!

Riel ree Dion

President & CEO, Planners Plus Inc.

Having Vincent Design as a partner is appreciated as they bring to the table valuable insights and perspectives of Indigenous Peoples, who work, live and play in Edmonton.

Mike Chow

Indigenous Relations Office, Edmonton, AB