Indigenous Graphic Design

Our graphic designers excel in creating culturally relevant and respectful Indigenous designs. Reach out to us to discuss integrating elements of tradition and symbolism into your bespoke, genuine Indigenous design.

Promoting and Protecting the Arts and Cultural Expressions on Indigenous Peoples Compendium print design.

Indigenous Graphic Design

Our graphic artists specialize in culturally relevant and respectful Indigenous design. Talk to us about weaving elements of tradition and symbolism into your custom, authentic Indigenous design.

Southern Chiefs Organization graphic design mock up.

Indigenous Graphic Design

Under the leadership of founder Shaun Vincent, we’ve built a reputation as leaders in Indigenous graphic design. Weaving culturally relevant and respectful design choices with subtle elements of tradition and symbolism, Vincent Design is honoured to be an agency of choice for creating custom, authentic designs for Indigenous businesses, communities and groups.

Experienced, Authentic Design

Recent examples of our work in this area include consulting with Canadian Geographic on the branding, design, print, and production of the new Indigenous People’s Atlas of Canada, a ground-breaking addition to the cultural landscape and reconciliation process in Canada, and a beautiful depiction of Indigenous history, knowledge and tradition. Other Indigenous design projects include:

Winnipeg-Based, Community Focused

With a design team that includes Indigenous graphic artists with roots firmly planted in their Winnipeg and Métis communities, we take great pride and honour in opportunities to consult and collaborate with communities, Elders, advocacy groups and support agencies to respectfully represent Indigenous values and culture in our work.

Our Team

The Support Team

First Nations, Inuit and Métis Peoples each have their own unique histories and perspectives. Listening to community members and understanding these perspectives is a critical part of the work we do in collaboration with our clients and a responsibility we adhere to closely in the pursuit of reconciliation.

Our support team is a growing community of educators, Elders and Knowledge Keepers that are actively involved in the services we provide for Indigenous organizations, programs and initiatives. We take counsel in their advice and feelings towards our design work and how it relates to Indigenous issues and topics.