Churchill Hospital

Branding, Logo

  • November 2016 - Present

  • Art Direction/Consulting

  • Branding & Identity

  • Print Design

  • Churchill Health Authority (Province of Manitoba)


We were contacted by the Province of Manitoba (WRHA) to re-brand the health centre’s brand and outdoor signage. The goal of the WRHA was to develop a more cultural sensitive brand which reflected the city and surrounding communities. Specializing in indigenous design, we were eager and excited to work on this project.


Churchill Manitoba is known for its diverse northern landscape and environment, and while sometimes harsh and biter, it holds the most amazing wildlife. We wanted the identity to represent these objects through a symbol, as the main identifier. We created a brand that complimented the natural colours of the landscape during the warmer months, while contrasting the whiteness during the winter.


The result is a brand that strongly and proudly represents the community while providing clear messaging for the health centre and care services.