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My Vaxx Journey


In the summer of 2021, members of the National Indigenous Youth Working Group on Vaccine Uptake shared that traditional public service announcements and communications were missing the mark on COVID-19 vaccine information for young people. They were looking for messaging that was youth-centred, honest, used relatable language, and featured equally engaging visuals. Meanwhile, the messaging still had to align with Indigenous Services Canada’s COVID-19 recommendations.


We created the My Vaxx Journey logo and visual identity, website, and social media accounts including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok. The wolves in the icon were chosen to represent loyalty, family and friendship, working together and protecting one another, while the graffiti-inspired wordmark channels popular streetwear branding. Indigenous youth ages 12-29 across Canada were invited to share what it’s been like to live through a pandemic, get the latest information on getting vaccinated, and supports to help keep them safe. If they submitted a video, they were eligible to receive a free pair of Air Jordan sneakers.


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The campaign ran for nearly a year, with multiple videos submitted and an average of three posts added to the channels weekly for an engaged audience. The campaign was also the winner of a 2022 Creativity and Innovation award from Canadian Heritage’s Deputy Minister Gina Wilson, Diversity and Inclusion and Youth and Senior Associate Deputy Minister.

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