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Canadian Heritage

Protecting And Promoting The Arts And Cultural Expressions Of Indigenous Peoples


Canadian Heritage is the department of the Government of Canada responsible for promoting and supporting Canadian identity and values, cultural development, and heritage. This compendium set out to reflect Indigenous contributors’ experiences in artistic and cultural practice.


In Promoting and Protecting the Arts and Cultural Expressions of Indigenous Peoples: A Compendium Of Experiences And Actions, the goal was to gather and share stories, providing examples of tools and solutions to challenges with misappropriation of arts, cultural expressions and artistic practices. Shaun Vincent created a series of illustrations to carry through the collection’s five broad themes.


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Canadian Heritage


In addition to the custom illustrations, Vincent Design was responsible for design and layout, typesetting and other image procurement for the work, published in English and French, with articles inInuktitut, Halq’emeylem, Michif, Algonquin. The result is a beautiful and inspiring collection from Indigenous artists, that also doesn’t shy away from difficult topics. The design compliments contributors’ experiences, told in their own voices.

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