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Walking Together


Creating a logo design for the Walking Together papal visit to Canada held a lot of weight. We needed to create a unifying logo that represents new hope and coming together while remembering and understanding the past and continuous effects of residential schools on Indigenous people and communities in Canada.


Many Elders, Knowledge Keepers, and survivors are trying to tell their stories; we wanted to portray that in this design, incorporating meaningful elements of nature to represent strength, perseverance, community, etc.


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We chose shapes of blue to represent the healing and calming nature of water and air, and by shaping the design elements into a circle created a beautifully fluid and rhythmic logo representing the core meaning of Walking Together — coming together to heal. Complimenting the logo symbol is a soft, rounded font that works; with both traditional and digital media.

Walking Together logo sketch.
Walking Together logo.
Walking Togther embroidered logo.
Walking Together logo on mug.
Walking Together Pope Francis Canadian Tour 2022 banner design
Walking Together Pope Francis Canadian Tour 2022 billboard display design

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