Reconciliation Stories

Telus report graphic design layout.

Indigenous Graphic Design / November 25th, 2022

Tell me a story.
It’s one of the first things we ask when we’re helping clients who come to us with their projects.

This project was a bit different. TELUS came to Vincent Design with a collection of stories of how technology creates transformation in Indigenous communities. It was our job to help bring them to life in design for their latest report.

The company’s Indigenous Reconciliation and Connectivity Report details how TELUS works to embed Reconciliation within its business. 

Creating this report meant designing a way to present the awe-inspiring photography of Mason Mashon, Saddle Lake Cree Nation, and artwork by Yahl ‘Aadas (Cori Savard), Haida Nation. The artist carried the themes of communication and connectivity through her depiction of the beings of Haida Gwaii, messengers sharing their knowledge to bring about change. 

Senior designer Kali MacDonald said one of the biggest differences between this project and others she has worked on at Vincent Design was working with a national company with an unmistakable brand identity. She delved into the TELUS brand guide in her research at the start of the project over the summer and delivered an initial concept safely in-brand.

Too on-brand, in fact.

The team at TELUS asked for something that would showcase the photography and art in a way that would feel more like a coffee table book than a corporate report. This also meant expanding the number of pages in the report to 100 pages, 40 more than the previous year’s, in order to give the art and photography room to breathe.

She added colour to Savard’s artwork, and combined them with Mashon’s photos, with both artists’ approval of the design treatment, aligned with TELUS’ commitment to artistic integrity. 

The concept also included lines expressing the idea of lands and connectivity. 

We are so proud to have been trusted with this important work, resulting in a report that is both beautiful and meaningful. 

Learn more on the TELUS Reconciliation page.

Watch the video: “It’s all about kicking down the barriers so our kids can be anything they want to be”, Principal Clayton Grice, Tl’etinqox School. Learn more about how corporate Reconciliation can contribute to positive outcomes in Indigenous communities in the newly launched 2022 Indigenous Reconciliation & Connectivity Report.