Indigenous Logo Design

Listening and dialogue are integral to our artistic vision, allowing us to create logos that not only stand the test of time but also narrate our clients’ stories. For many years, we’ve crafted designs that honour and incorporate Indigenous traditions of storytelling. Each and every one of our logos reflects a deep respect for Indigenous heritage and storytelling.

Shawanaga Island logo design Every Child Matters design for NCTR Nipîy Tu logo design Queen's University Department of English logo design Every Child Matters motif for Southern Chiefs' Organization Inc. Treaty Relations Commission of Manitoba logo design Saunders DeLaronde Law logo Doctors Manitoba Indigenous logo design

Indigenous Logo Design Services

At Vincent Design, we incorporate Two-Eyed seeing into our work – looking through the perspective that embraces the strengths of both Indigenous ways of knowing and Western methods of understanding. Allowing us to holistically bring Indigenous views into our projects while blending that knowledge with domain expertise. 

  • Custom Logo Design
  • Consultation
  • Custom graphic and logo design
  • Promotional materials and production
  • Advertising and signage
  • Book and magazine covers
  • Environmental display design
  • Photography and art direction
Every Child Matters sticker for NCTR

Logo Design Canada

Since 2007, Vincent Design has been creating authentic, respectful, and impactful Indigenous logo designs. Logo designs that tell stories, and blend together creative strategy with Indigenous art. Our logos are timeless, and are powerful symbols that resonate with audiences. We are leaders in Indigenous logo design, providing work that is thoughtful and authentic. 

Our Process

Listening and Input

For each project, we attentively listen to the voices of our clients, Elders, Knowledge Keepers, team members, and the community. Using this approach means we can do our work in a good way, while upholding thoughtful and impactful logo designs. We are committed to integrating diverse perspectives and knowledge systems, including Indigenous design principles, fostering inclusivity, and respect in every aspect of our work.

Creative Brief 

A creative brief is our key tool for deeply understanding and capturing the essence of your project. This comprehensive document outlines the narrative of your brand, guiding our skilled graphic designers in bringing your vision to life. 


With our custom logo designs, we always want to ensure that the work we do is not only authentic, but is respectful of the Indigenous culture, issue or organization the logo is representing or honouring. 


It is important to us when creating our logos that each element is properly researched. We prioritize dedicating time with our clients to grasp their business goals, listen to their stories, and weave their perspectives into our designs. Conducting thorough research is essential in our design process, ensuring that every creation is respectful and deeply meaningful.

Brainstorming and Collaboration 

At Vincent Design, collaboration is at the centre of our logo design process. Throughout the entire logo design process we are actively engaging with our clients, team members Elders, Knowledge Keepers, and Indigenous communities. It is important to us that we listen to everyone’s unique ideas. When partnership is part of the logo design process, the result is one that balances visual aesthetic with rich meaning and cultural relevance. 


Telling stories, storytelling is an important Indigenous tradition that we implement into our custom logo designs. Being able to use our logo designs to tell stories means we can capture emotions, and engage audiences. Our logos craft narratives that embody our client’s experiences, mission, and values. 

Presentation and Feedback

When we work and present our work to clients, we want to demonstrate our partnership and collaboration and how we brought it to life. With our logo design, we want them to compel audiences, convey passion, and beautiful artistry. In all of our interactions with our clients, we look for feedback to ensure our client relationship is interactive and respectful.

Indigenous Logo Design Agencies Winnipeg

Here at Vincent Design, we prioritize our clients by putting their vision at the forefront of everything that we do. 

Timeless Custom Logo Designs 

Every logo that we create is versatile to resonate deeply with your targeted audiences. Our logos will tell your brand story, rather than relying on current logo design trends, to ensure longevity for your brand identity.

Brand Identity

Every business, organization, and community deserves a timeless brand identity that resonates with their audiences. The way we approach branding, and design is to evoke emotion, and tell the story of your organization. 

Logo Refresh

We specialize in revitalizing your brand identity. Whether you have existing branding or are starting anew, we enhance it to ensure it stands out and authentically represents your organization.

Logo Design FAQs

What is Indigenous logo design and why is it different?

There is a long tradition of storytelling which is how we bring our logo designs to life. With this tradition, our designers blend the meaning of Indigenous stories with something that is modern, and will uphold throughout time. These designs are ones that are authentic, respectful, and are always created with consultation.

What file formats will I receive for my logo?

When we finish your logo design, you will receive your logo in multiple formats for both print and digital use, including vector formats (AI, EPS, SVG) and raster formats (PNG, JPEG). Along with your logo, you also receive a logo guide that outlines best practices, such as how to use your logo for different platforms and media formats. This will include detailed information on file types, and formats. This ensures that the use of your logo and branding is consistent.

What if I'm not satisfied with the initial design concepts?

Our process includes consultation, collaboration, and multiple rounds of revisions to ensure you are happy with the final outcome. During the creation of your logo, we will work with you to refine the design so that it aligns with your vision.

Do you offer additional branding services besides logo design?

Yes! As a full-service marketing agency we have comprehensive branding services that include brand identity design, business cards, stationary design, and more. No matter your needs, we are able to create a cohesive visual identity package.

What if I need additional marketing collateral featuring my new logo?

In addition to your new logo design, we can create cohesive marketing collateral that compliments your brand. We offer a range of design services like physical collateral, social media graphics, digital ads, and more!

Why is a professional logo important?

Having an authentic representation of your organization means that you can make a lasting impression. A memorable logo helps establish credibility, and communicates the core values, and personality of your business to your target audience.

Our Team

The Support Team

First Nations, Inuit and Métis Peoples each have their own unique histories 
and perspectives. Listening to community members and understanding these perspectives is a critical part of the work we do in collaboration with our clients and a responsibility we adhere to closely in the pursuit of reconciliation.

Our support team is a growing community of educators, elders and 
knowledge keepers that are actively involved in the services we provide for Indigenous organizations, programs and initiatives. We take counsel in their advice and feelings towards our design work and how it relates to Indigenous issues and topics.