Be Extraordinary

Convocation speech by Shaun Vincent

Community Events / June 16th, 2023

On Tuesday, June 13, Shaun gave the alumni address at RRC Polytech’s Spring Convocation. Here is the message he shared.

Congratulations! This is a big deal.
You’re receiving a diploma today in extraordinary times.


Have you ever thought about that word? It’s going to be at the core of my advice for you today.

Be extra in your ordinary.

When I came to Red River many moons ago, I knew I had an eye for art. But it was here that I learned how to apply it to something I never knew existed. RRC taught me design.

If you have found something that you’re good at, here, now is the time to become great at it.


When I was a student here, many in the program hated logo design. I loved it. I ate it up. It was a puzzle to me, a challenge.
I learned I could put a whole story in a logo, merging Indigenous ways of knowing with modern design principles. This became the foundation of Vincent Design, and one that opened the doors to other opportunities such as marketing and website development.

We have more than 20 employees now, the majority who are also Red River grads. It says something about this place.

The way I connected with stories as a kid in both Winnipeg – and my Métis community of St. Laurent – helped me connect with the stories I listen for and put into my work today. I found my style for Indigenous design that was representative and hidden in those stories. It was this style of design I discovered was needed 16 years ago when I walked into the business registry office, on Broadway, and wrote down “Vincent Design” on the application. This unique area of design is especially needed today.
So, if I can leave you with one other piece of advice today it is this:


Be kind to others and yourself. I don’t have to tell you that school is hard work. Getting established in your career takes effort, too. It can be difficult sometimes to be kind and to take the high road, but you will never regret it. Everyone will remember your kindness, I promise you.

Each one of you will become a leader in some way, and leaders who lead with kindness are followed.

Kindness will help you take your career, your life journey, and all those involved into something extra.

And how extraordinary is that?

Go be kind and extraordinary.