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Our Medicine Path


COVID-19 has had a disproportionately negative impact on Indigenous communities in Canada. There is inconsistent access to equity-based data that can inform effective solutions, and national health communications have traditionally not been tailored to the priorities of Indigenous community members. Digital Public Square came to Vincent Design for help in designing a tool that addresses the health information needs of Indigenous audiences, with a visual representation of the culture through the depiction of people, animals, and nature.


In our role, Vincent Design provided concept support and storyline direction, and created custom characters and other illustration. Players explore misinformation narratives and drivers of vaccine hesitancy within Indigenous communities, as told through Indigenous voices.


  • Consultation
  • Design


Players at Our Medicine Path  receive helpful information about COVID-19 and vaccines from trusted Indigenous sources and are encouraged to share their own views and experiences. The hope is that insights from the game will help community organizations in their health promotion activities.

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