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Treaty Relations Commission Of Manitoba


The Treaty Relations Commission of Manitoba works to strengthen, rebuild and enhance the Treaty relationship and mutual respect between First Nations and Manitobans. The organization has been using the same logo for many years.


Our goal was to preserve the overall design with all its elements, while also transforming it into a modern, 21st Century emblem that will serve in all online applications, including video, web and mobile devices. The elements are clear and sharply defined, bringing a youthful aspect to the design that recognizes the organization’s future as well as its past.


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The logo honours the art and symbolism of the one that came before. It includes the Sacred Pipe, recognizing and witnessing the spirit and intent of the agreement. The ribbons represent the seven Treaty territories and the Dakotas, while the head of the pipe is in the shape of an eagle’s head. The sun backing all the elements represents the light of education and understanding.

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