Staff Highlight

Leading the way one story at a time

Storytelling is the fuel to all creative marketing efforts. It’s the driving force behind our ability to connect with audiences on a meaningful level — sparking emotions and leaving lasting impressions. Whether we’re crafting a compelling ad, designing a social media campaign, or writing an email that captures attention, it’s the narrative we weave that …

Community Events

Celebrating the Season

Today, many of us will be attending a sacred fire and joining in community with friends and family to share stories, music, and good food. Solstice connects us to the land, its rhythms and cycles. We celebrate the season by decorating with cedar and other greenery. I’ll burn sage to smudge today, and also add it as an ingredient in my homemade tourtière. …

Indigenous Graphic Design

Considerations and Best Practices in Indigenous Design

“Consider the reception and implication of all designs so that they protect the environment, are sustainable, and remain respectful of Indigenous cultures over deep time: past, present and future.” Protocol 8, International Indigenous Design Charter The field of professional graphic design is a creative arts industry with a long history,  many diverse influences and a …