Two people fishing in a yellow canoe


There’s a palette for that

How do designers decide what colours to use in their designs? When a client comes to us, we begin by asking a lot of questions. (You can learn more about our process here.) This helps us learn more about our clients and what they’re looking for — and also what they’re looking at. What inspires …

215 feathers for Every Child Matters

Community Support

Every Child Matters

***Contains information that is distressing and may be retraumatizing*** The National Residential School Crisis Line 1-866-925-4419 How many times can a heart break? Is it one? One hundred? Two hundred and fifteen? Seven hundred and fifty one? Our hearts are broken with every revelation.  Except that these aren’t revelations, not to those whose hearts are …

Indigenous Graphic Design

Considerations and Best Practices in Indigenous Design

“Consider the reception and implication of all designs so that they protect the environment, are sustainable, and remain respectful of Indigenous cultures over deep time: past, present and future.” Protocol 8, International Indigenous Design Charter The field of professional graphic design is a creative arts industry with a long history,  many diverse influences and a …